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Power in Numbers - Cleaning up Joshua Tree Public Land
This short documentary shows the lack of respect of illegal dumping in Joshua tree public lands. The event started after the 2019 partial government shutdown that lasted 35 days. Kingston AKA Roaming Lost scheduled a small group of guys to go help clean the Joshua tree national Park but when they got there there was already a big team of people cleaning the park. Little did they know just a couple of miles away from the National Park they would find a bigger problem. Illegal dumping, Target practicing with household appliances, vehicles left in the desert and tons of trash scattered everywhere. Thanks to Kingston for his willingness to step up and do something about the situation. With the help of Lost Sasquatch and Overland Bound they created an event that gets people together to help preserve the Joshua tree desert. Now the event has grown to having up to 250 people show up in the middle of the Joshua tree desert and help clean up for an entire weekend. On top of that, they have worked with the BLM land and got three 40 foot containers dropped off and Removed 3 vehicles & 30,500 Lbs of Garbage from the Desert

A big thank you goes out to Roaming Lost, Lost Sasquatch And Overland Bound for hosting the event. I also wanna personally thank the two other cinematographers who without their footage this Doc would it be possible.  Matthew Girgis @rad_z71 And Andy Sedano @53dano

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