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- Verena Somer (Chairperson of The Taste of Arcadia)

"I'm the chairperson of a food & wine tasting event that is the major fundraiser for a non-profit organization, and Pure Ink design (Edward Valencia) has been my graphic artist for over 4 years. The event is advertised in over 16 publications from magazine to newsprint, and as the event draws near, each submission requires different copy,unique sizing, and classical beauty. These requirements are often of a last minute/urgent/rush nature, but we have never missed a deadline & are very pleased with the aesthetic and the quality. Due to his flexibility, responsiveness, sense of style, and overall helpfulness, Pure Ink design (Edward Valencia) has been a major contributor to the success of the event."

- Robert Kenz (Franchise owner of Robeks Juice)

"I have worked with many graphic designers over 20 years in several industries and Edward stands out as one of the best! He is able to take a project from an obscure thought to a stunning digital image and exceeds expectations every time."

About Me

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Visual effects and graphic design specialist, I produces highest quality graphic designs, layouts, company branding and identity, and professional photography services.

"I pride myself on friendly, reliable, professional service, offering top quality graphic design and web solutions for all your marketing requirements and design needs."

I have produced and developed many advertisements for various clients including: The LA Kings a Professional Hockey Team (print and digital advertisment), City of Arcadia (magazine advertisement and advertisement campaign), Bentley Prince Street (lead a team to Received a Antron MATCH Award for the Development of the Product e•guides for the iPad), and Arroyo Strategy Group (company identity and branding). I am well verst in graphic design with 14 years of professional experience. Graphic design is not only my career it is a passion of mine.

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